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blog Archive - How to Cure Tonsil Stones

15 Best Home Remedies For Tonsil Stones

The human body is designed to protect itself internally and externally. Tonsils are part of the body’s internal defense system. There are three types of them and together they form what is known as Waldeyer’s tonsillar ring. Palatina – found on either side of the throat Pharyngealis – found at the back of the throat […]

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Unusual Bad Breath Remedies

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition that can’t be ignored. Bad breath itself could be a symptom of a variety of illnesses diabetes, mouth herpes infection, sinusitis, kidney or liver failure, dental infections, post natal drip and tonsil stones. We will look at some remedies for fixing bad breath that is caused by tonsil stones. […]

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Natural Tonsillolith Removal

Tonsillolith can be incredibly aggravating, making it hard for individuals to talk, swallow and eat. Also known as tonsil stones, it is characterized by calcified masses that form along the tonsil crevices. The masses can be brought on by a variety of things such as bacteria, food, debris and various other foreign matters. Physically, they […]

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Get Rid Of Nasty Tonsil Stones For Good

The question, how to get rid of tonsil stones forever can be best answered by first understanding what are pesky whitish yellowish globs are and what causes them to arise in yoru mouth. Tonsil stones are irregular shaped mucus/bacteria globs that occur in the tonsils (palatine portion) or in the tonsil crypts. They are foul […]

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