Unusual Bad Breath Remedies

bad breath remediesBad breath is an embarrassing condition that can’t be ignored. Bad breath itself could be a symptom of a variety of illnesses diabetes, mouth herpes infection, sinusitis, kidney or liver failure, dental infections, post natal drip and tonsil stones. We will look at some remedies for fixing bad breath that is caused by tonsil stones. The are home remedies that are inexpensive.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath Related to Tonsil Stones

1. If you have been suffering from bad breath for quite some time, you may need to look into your diet. A person’s diet plays a big part in bad breath derived from tonsil stones. Eating dairy causes the formation of calcium in your body is the number one culprit of tonsil stones formation that can result to bad breath.

2. Strive to have a healthy digestion. You can do this by adding papaya in your diet which contains papain; and pineapple which is rich in bromelain. Both papaya and pineapple promote good digestion.

3. Make it a habit to chew on a sprig of parsley. A small amount will do that will help freshen your breath. Parsley is packed with the natural deodorizer chlorophyll and can also sweeten your digestive tract.

4. Some people suffering from tonsil stones, and bad breath, have ignored their oral hygiene. Don’t forget to brushing your teeth at least three times a day, two minutes each brushing. It’s recommended that you get an electric toothbrush that has a timer for each quadrant of your mouth. Oral-B makes great electric toothbrushes.

5. Chew on celery, cucumber and carrots. These crunchy veggies are helpful in removing unwanted food particles inside your mouth after eating a sumptuous dinner. These food items can help good digestion and it can help freshen your breath as well.

6. Consume probiotic yogurt. A cup of yogurt is packed with good bacteria that can shoo away bad bacteria in your body. If you are also on a weight loss program, you do not have to worry. There is sugar-free probiotic yogurt available in the market that you can consume everyday.

7. Start your day with a cup of green tea. You have the option to drink green tea throughout the day. Green tea is one of the best drinks that contain antibacterial compounds that can combat bacteria in your mouth. It is an excellent antioxidant that can shield you from several illnesses.

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5 Natural Bad Breath Cures for Those with Tonsil Stones

natural bad breath curesAre you looking for natural bad breath cures? You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get rid of bad breath because of tonsil stones. You can follow right away the list of natural bad breath cures after reading this brief article.

Bad Breath in Relation with Tonsil Stones: At a Glance

One of the symptoms of tonsil stones is halitosis or exceedingly bad breath. It is usually accompanied with tonsil infection. Based on one of the recent researches, the presence of chronic tonsillitis would need the use of a special test in order to confirm if volatile sulphur compounds are present in the patients’ breath. These compounds are with a foul-smell that confirms the existence of bad breath. Another result of the study shows that 75% of the participants had high levels of concentration and are also suffering from tonsil stones.

Natural Bad Breath Cures

Tonsil stones will lead to bad breath. It cannot be cured through simply using breath mints or mouth spray. You need to address this health condition in order to stop suffering from bad breath. The list below includes cheap and simple treatments that will cure both your bad breath and tonsil stones.

1. One of the first things that you must do is to choose a healthy diet. Keep in mind that nutrition is one of the factors that can help you get rid both of tonsil stones and bad breath. Prefer to eat well-balanced daily meals. This will ensure that your body will take all the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to prevent this health condition.

2. Munch on crunchy and raw foods like carrots, cucumbers and celery in order to dislodge the tonsil stones. The strong strands and the fiber of the crunchy raw vegetables will act as toothbrushes. It will brush away the stones that are hiding.

3. Consume yogurt packed with probiotics. Tonsil stones contain bacteria that produce sulphur that is why it will produce a foul smell. A probiotic yogurt is rich with “good bacteria” that can get rid of “bad bacteria” that cause odor. Plus, a probiotic yogurt can help your digestive system function well. Prefer to eat sugar-free probiotic yogurt because sugar can promote the development of tonsil stones.

4. Lessen your consumption of dairy products. It is one of the major causes of tonsil stones. These food items promote the build-up of calcium and mucous which are both contributors to the development of tonsil stones.

5. Gargle with vinegar to dissolve your tonsil stones. Vinegar can also dissolve calcium which is the building block of the odor producing tonsil stones. Prepare a mixture of one fourth cup of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Gargle this mixture at least once a day in order to prevent re-forming and to totally dissolve stones. Make it a habit to use this mixture everyday. It will not only cure your bad breath and tonsil stones but it can help you avoid suffering from flu and colds. Vinegar is capable of killing germs that can lead to viruses before they will set in your body.

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Natural Tonsillolith Removal

Tonsillolith can be incredibly aggravating, making it hard for individuals to talk, swallow and eat. Also known as tonsil stones, it is characterized by calcified masses that form along the tonsil crevices. The masses can be brought on by a variety of things such as bacteria, food, debris and various other foreign matters. Physically, they can be seen as flat discs which can vary in color ranging from white, yellow and even green.

Tonsil stones pose no health threat to those who have them. However, they can cause bad bread which can reduce the quality of life of the people who have them. Fortunately, there are several ways to address tonsillolith removal without having to resort to medication or surgery.


Gargle using mouthwash which would hopefully dissolve the debris stuck in the tonsils. Make sure the mouthwash is antiseptic, keeping it in the mouth for about 20 seconds before spitting. Ensure that the mouthwash gets to all parts of the mouth so that the tonsil stones will be removed definitely.

Water and Salt

If there is no mouthwash on hand, water and salt will do. Use about one teaspoon of salt for one glass of water – preferably warm. This will increase the chances of dissolving or dislodging the tonsil stones from the mouth.


It’s also possible to poke the stones until they are dislodged. This isn’t a hygienic way of getting them out, so if you do use this method you need to do it a way that guarantees that you don’t get an infection. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before starting poking the stones. Make sure to do this in good light to increase the accuracy.


Toothbrushes with soft bristles also work as a poking device for the tonsil stones. This might be a bit uncomfortable at first and may cause gagging. With a slight adjustment however, individuals can successfully remove tonsil stones using this method.

Cotton Swab

Try using a cotton swab together with mouth wash. Thoroughly soak the cotton end in mouthwash and poke the stones until they’re removed. This is by far the most confrontational yet hygienic method of addressing the problem.


Individuals can also try clearing their throat by simply moving their tongue around. The pressure from the throat can be enough to dislodge the stones, allowing the tonsils to clear up. Make sure feel around using the tongue and if any stones come up, spit them out immediately. Gargle with warm water to freshen the breath.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The acid in apple cider vinegar is also perfect as a natural tonsillolith removal tool. It works by dissolving or dislodging the stones from the throat. Use them in the same way as the mouthwash, carefully gargling and moving it around the mouth. Do this for around 20 seconds, spit and follow up with water to remove the taste.

The use of medication and even surgery are also possible for getting rid of tonsil stones. However, this is more appropriate for individuals who are having chronic tonsil stone problems. For those who are experiencing the problem for the first time, natural methods are best, after which, prevention is the next step.

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Get Rid Of Nasty Tonsil Stones For Good

The question, how to get rid of tonsil stones forever can be best answered by first understanding what are pesky whitish yellowish globs are and what causes them to arise in yoru mouth.

Tonsil stones are irregular shaped mucus/bacteria globs that occur in the tonsils (palatine portion) or in the tonsil crypts. They are foul and putrid smelling due to the chemical composition of the bacteria globs which are hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan. Mercaptan’s distinct odor is similar to a rotten cabbage while a hydrogen sulphide’s odor resembles that of a rotten egg. A scent that’s mainly caused by bacteria breakdown without oxygen.

Tonsil stones, back in the early days, were believed to be just extra food debris left after consuming a meal but this is not the case. The cause and origin of tonsil stones is still unknown to the medical community. Despite the unknown origin and cause the question how to get rid of tonsil stones forever, lingers.

Here are some natural remedies to answer, how to get rid of tonsil stones forever?

  • Coughing and laughing hard
  • Chewing on garlic clove
  • Use of cotton swabs as well as Q-tips
  • Use of fingers
  • Lollipop remedy treatment
  • Medicine dropper removal
  • Popsicle stick extraction

1. Coughing as well as laughing hard is a natural remedy to efficiently remove tonsils stones. Laughing hard and coughing causes a gentle squeezing of the throat and leads to clearing it up and thus remove the stones.

2. Garlic clove chewing is a natural remedy to remove tonsil stones. The procedure is done by simply chewing on a garlic clove nightly before going to sleep. Garlic cloves have a fantastic healing property to remove tonsil stones.

3. Q-tips and use of cotton swabs is also another natural remedy to remove tonsil stones. The process involves the use of a swab or Q-tip dampened with water. This dampened swab or Q-tip is used to reach the area where the tonsil stone is located and is used to push the stones out of its location.

4. Using the fingers to remove the tonsil stones is done by the application of firm and constant pressure on the tonsil stones should dislodge them effectively.

5. Lollipop remedy treatment uses the common lollipop candy to remove the tonsil stone. The method employed in this remedy simply involves the sucking of a lollipop candy with intense pressure. The force of sucking the lollipop pushes the tonsil stones out of its location.

6. Medicine dropper removal. For this remedy an empty, unused medicine dropper is used as a natural method to remove the tonsil stones. The procedure consists in placing the open tip of the medicine dropper directly on the tonsil stones. The pulling effect that the dropper has on the tonsil stones should help dislodge them.

7. Popsicle stick extraction. Extracting the tonsil stone using this remedy would involve pressing a clean Popsicle stick directly on the tonsil stone. The pressure applied to the tonsil a stone slowly eases out the stone from its location.

Once you get the tonsil stones out, the next most important thing that will answer your question, how to get rid of tonsil stones forever, is to learn exactly what you need to do in order to prevent tonsil stones from coming back.

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What Are Tonsil Stones?

What is a tonsil stone? A Tonsil stone that also goes by the term “tonsillolith” is a calcified material that has accumulated as clusters in the tonsils’ crevices. It has been documented that they weigh from three hundred milligrams up to forty grams. Their composition consists of:

  • Calcium
  • Calcium minerals and magnesium minerals
  • Ammonia
  • Carbonate

A tonsil stone can reach the size like that of a peppercorn and is whitish cream in color. Collagen is the main substance composition of a tonsil stone. They possess unpleasant putrid odor because of the chemical substances:

  • Methyl mercaptan
  • Hydrogen sulphide

Methyl mercaptan or methanethiol is a gas (colorless) that has on odor like that of a cabbage that is rotting.

Hydrogen sulphide is also a colorless gaseous chemical composition that is extremely poisonous. It is a form of gas that has flammable characteristic. This chemical is the result of the breakdown of bacteria in an organic matter. The breakdown process that occurs without oxygen is called anaerobic digestion. The resulting odor of this chemical substance closely resembles the smell of a rotting egg.

To know what is a tonsil stone is to know what are its symptoms, they are:

  • Bad breath
  • Sore throat

Having known and answered what is a tonsil stone leads to knowing what are the natural remedies and cures to tonsil stones, they include, among others, the following:

1. Finger, back of a toothbrush or popsicle stick removal
2. Lollipop treatment process
3. Removal with the use of a medicine dropper
4. Salt and water procedure

The first natural remedy and cure for tonsil stones after the question what is a tonsil stone is removing them using a Popsicle stick, back of a toothbrush or just the bare fingers- this natural cure/remedy to removing tonsil requires no medical instrumentation for its completion. Simply open the mouth, face a wide mirror, and view the tonsil and the tonsil stone. Using either the back of a toothbrush, popsicle stick or fingers, simply applying firm pressure on the tonsil should force the tonsil stones out of the system.

The second natural cure/remedy after answering what is a tonsil stone is the lollipop treatment process. This procedure unlike the tonsil removal by finger, etc, as the name implies, makes use of the ubiquitous lollipop candy. The process involves sucking on the lollipop with enough pressure-force to remove the tonsil stones from its location. This procedure is sworn to be effective by sufferers from tonsil stones who had been relieved of their suffering.

The removal of tonsil stone with an empty medicine dropper is also another natural cure/ remedy to remove tonsil stones. The process involves putting the tip of the medicine dropper on the tonsil stone and applying pressure through suction removes the tonsil stone naturally.

The salt and water procedure involves gargling with water mixed with a pinch of salt. This procedure is meant to ease any discomfort brought by the inconvenience of having tonsil stones.

Halitosis Facts And Treatments

Halitosis, a Latin derivative term from “halitus”, which means breath combined with the ‘osis’ suffix (a Greek suffix used in describing a medical condition), is a medical term used to describe and refer to foul smelling odor, bad breath, emanating from the mouth when a person exhales, breathes out or speaks.

Halitophobia, also known as delusional halitosis, is the fear of having bad breath. Individuals who suffer from halitophobia does not really have the medical condition of bad breath, but feels to have one out of having an obsessive compulsive disorder.

The causes of halitosis are varied and plenty, among the causes pointed are:

  • Food intake- onions, garlic, fish, dairy and meat have been observed to cause bad breath
  • Obesity- belching by obese persons had been shown to cause bad breath
  • Smoking – the nicotine and tar in the smoke leaves residue in the mouth which causes the foul odor
  • Alcohol consumption- most alcohol drinkers had been studied to have a bad case of bad breath.
  • Tonsil stones

Tonsil stones as a cause of bad breath is mainly due to the development of calcified materials in the tonsils and they are generally asymptomatic (without symptoms), but if they become large, as large and big as a peppercorn, they become the source of halitosis. The development of tonsil stones gives rise to the growth of chemicals in the mouth that has been described to smell an odor resembling a rotten egg and a decaying cabbage.

Treating and curing the tonsil stone will remove the cause of the bad breath, some natural cures and remedies to remove tonsil stones are:

  • Gargling
  • Scraping
  • Probing
  • Coughing

One: Gargling- the importance of discovering tonsil stones at its very initial stage of formation is crucial to curtailing its development. They can easily be removed by gargling with water that is warm and mixed with salt. Salty water can easily remove tonsil stones that are still small in size. Grape fruit extract (1 to 2 drops) added to a mouthwash (antiseptic) gargled twice daily is an effective small tonsil stones remover. It should be noted though that it might take fourteen days for the daily gargling of the solution to take effect.

Two: Scraping – a professor in the pediatrics section of the school of medicine at the Stanford University, Dr. Alan Greene, stated that tonsil stones can be removed naturally with the aid of an ordinary toothbrush by the means of scraping the stones. He says that caution must be employed in doing this method as it can activate the gag reflex and may hamper attempts to remove the tonsil stone cause of halitosis.

Three: Probing- with the use of a cotton swab placed at the back of the stone gentle pushing upward and probing should easily push out the tonsil stones out of its comfort area.

Four: Coughing- small tonsil stones are still capable of being removed by intense rigid coughing. Similarly, extending the head backward and placing the tongue at the mouth’s roof followed by swallowing is also another natural way to remove tonsil stones.

Various Tonsillolith Symptoms

A small forming tonsil stone does not produce any noticeable symptoms, but larger ones do. Tonsil stone symptoms could include any of the following:

  • Bad breath
  • Tonsil infection
  • Sore throat
  • Yellow colored debris
  • Bad taste sensation
  • Swelling of tonsil
  • Pain in the ear or itchiness
  • Small lump Felt at the back of the throat

Knowing the tonsil stone symptoms requires knowing what a tonsil stone is. A tonsil stone is calcium formed debris that accumulates in the tonsil. This stone resembles in shape with that of a peppercorn. They possess very unpleasant odors ranging from a decaying cabbage to a putrid rotting egg. Such foul odor is caused by the chemicals formed by the tonsil stones such as hydrogen sulphide as well as methyl mercaptan.

The presence of tonsil stone symptoms necessitates the need to know the common cure and remedies to counter such medical condition, among them are:

  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Water with salt gargling procedure
  • Medicine dropper technique
  • Lollipop sucking method
  • The finger, back of toothbrush, Popsicle stick technique

1. Practicing good hygiene is the top most preventive technique to avoiding the development of the tonsil stone. A clean mouth and tonsil is a good safety measure to avoiding tonsil stones. Gargling with a mouthwash, brushing as well as tongue scraping reduces the incidence of tonsil stone formation.

2. Drinking lots of water prevents tonsil formation. It has been studied that the formation of tonsil mostly happens in a dry throat. Intake of lots of fluid (water) keeps the body hydrated and the tonsils wet. Tonsil stone formation in a hydrated throat is greatly reduced and diminished.

3. Water gargling with a pinch of salt is a procedure for preventing sore throat has been proven safe by many. This process relieves the inconvenience brought by the abnormal protrusion in the tonsil and is a next step procedure after the tonsil stone has been removed by other methods.

4. Removal of tonsil stone evidenced by tonsil stone symptoms through the use of an unused medicine dropper is an easy natural method. This is done by placing the open tip of the dropper on the tonsil stone with the pressing of the rubber handle on other end to cause a sucking action. With the tip of the dropper adhering to the tonsil stone with the sucking action, pull out the tonsil stone with a single jerking motion.

5. Another natural tonsil stone cure and removal and to be finally rid of tonsil stone symptoms is the sucking of a lollipop method. This is a very desirable method of removing tonsil stone as it only requires intense sucking of a lollipop candy. The pressure created in the sucking of the lollipop is a very easy way of removing a tonsil stone.

6. Removal with finger, stick of a Popsicle and back of a toothbrush is done by applying firm pressure on the tonsil to remove the tonsil stone.

Natural Treatments For Tonsil Stones

Some of the best natural treatments for tonsil stones are the following:

• Removal by finger, cotton swab or back of a toothbrushcure for tonsil stones
• The lollipop treatment procedure
• Use of the medicine dropper
• The salt and water process
• Drinking lots of water
• Practicing good hygiene

Among the various natural tonsil stone treatments, removal by hand or cotton swab or the back of the toothbrush is on top of the list. In my opinion, the best cure for tonsil stones is a natural cure. Naturally removing tonsil stones with the use of either by finger, cotton swab, or the back of a toothbrush requires no medication and does not require using any medical instrument or devices. The procedure can be successfully performed in the convenience of your own home. Facing a large mirror, open-wide the mouths to view the tonsil stones, using a cotton swab apply pressure on the tonsils. The pressure applied should force out the tonsil stones. In using a finger to remove tonsil stones, the same procedure used with the aid of a Popsicle stick is repeated. The Popsicle stick is replaced with the fingers in applying pressure on the tonsils to force the tonsil stones out. The same thing is done and repeated with the use of the back of a toothbrush. Mouth wide-open, firmly applying pressure on the tonsil using the back of a toothbrush should result in the tonsil stone being forced-out.

Also among the top natural remedies for tonsil stones is the lollipop treatment procedure- this procedure simply makes use of a lollipop and involves sucking on such lollipop. The pressure applied in sucking the lollipop produces enough pressure to dislodge the tonsil stones from its place. This procedure has been attested effective by tonsil stone sufferers who were cured of their tonsil stones using this procedure.

Another natural cure for tonsil stones is via the medicine dropper, an empty unused medicine dropper with its tip pointed on the tonsil stone, applying suction on the dropper draws out the tonsil stones thereby removing it naturally.

The salt and water process makes use of water mixed with a pinch of salt. This salt and water mixture is gargled to alleviate any uncomfortable feeling in having tonsil stones. It is a good preventive measure to prevent development of tonsil stones with the daily gargling of the mixture. Using of a mouthwash, commercially manufactured, is good enough alternative to the natural mixture of salt and water.

Intake and drinking plenty of water is a perfect way to hydrate the body and to replenish the lost fluids due to physical exertion. A hydrated body prevents the throat from drying. A hydrated throat is not prone to contracting tonsil stones. There is a lot more to this, that I can’t get into now, but you can get more information in the Fast Tonsil Stones Cure e-book.

Tonsil stones is caused by oral bacteria. At a very minimum, a way to reduce the amount of oral bacteria is by maintaining good hygiene. Keep the mouth and tonsils clean by frequent brushing and gargling, including scraping of the tongue. Against popular belief, poor oral hygiene is rarely the MAIN cause of oral bacteria. The main cause of oral bacteria includes post nasal drip, other medical conditions that you may not know you have and diet.

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Tonsil Balls – What Are They?

tonsil ballsTonsil balls are medically known and termed as Tonsilloliths or simply referred as tonsil stones. They are clustered calcium deposits forming in the fissures in the tonsils. Tonsils consist of the palatine and the nasopharyngeal tonsils, they are tissues found just adjacent to the nasopharynx and the oropharynx. Commonly, ‘tonsils’ as a term has reference to the palatine tonsils, which is found at the back of the throat. These tissues (tonsils) are the first line of defense of the body against pathogens that are either inhaled or ingested. Tonsil balls usually occur in the palatine tonsils, but sometimes they can be found to occur at the lingual tonsils.

Tonsil balls are material accumulations on the tonsils and can grow to a size as big as a peppercorn. These accumulations in the tonsils are colored white to shades of cream and are composed mainly of collagen. The odors emitted by these material accumulations are not pleasant to the senses. The odor emitted is composed of the chemical substance hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan. Hydrogen sulphide is characteristically possessed of the odor of rotten eggs due to the organic matter breakdown of bacteria without the presence of oxygen during the breakdown process. Mercaptan on the other hand is a gas (colorless) with a distinct odor of rotten cabbage.

Tonsil balls had been documented to weigh 300 milligrams and in some instances to as much as 42 grams. The composition of this tonsil balls are mainly calcified matter, but traces of the materials magnesium, phosphorous, ammonia as well as carbonate had been found. Tonsil balls whenever they protrude can feel like a foreign material stuck in the crypt of the tonsils. These protrusions are a likely discomfort and removing them is often difficult. This tonsil ball protrusion is the causative factor in the development of halitosis. Halitosis is the medical term use to refer to bad breath; it is the third most documented reason cited in seeking dental appointments, next to decaying tooth and other periodontal diseases. There is still no medical finding to show the cause and reason why tonsil balls develop.

Other than tonsil balls developing in the tonsils, they have also been found to have formed in the mouth’s roof as well as the throat. People who develop tonsil balls are those who had a history of having suffered from chronic inflammation of their tonsils or had a long medical history of being afflicted with tonsillitis. This condition has been shown to be connected with post-nasal drips. The calcium salt composition of tonsil balls had been shown to include traces of calcium carbonate apatite or hydroxy apatite, oxalates. Magnesium salts containing ammonium free radicals also form part of the calcified matter of the tonsil balls.

Diagnosing a tonsil ball is often made by inspecting the throat, but if a differential diagnosis is required, an embryonic rests is done on the branchial arches to check for calcified granuloma malignancy. Diagnosis of tonsil balls are a very difficult to conduct without clear and obvious signs.

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Tonsil Stones Post Nasal Drip Explained

What is post nasal drip? PND, as it is most commonly referred to, is excess mucous that enters from the back-side of your throat. Tonsil stones post nasal drip is one of the most common symptoms of PND. In this article, I’ll explain all these terms, as I realize it these terms may be foreign to you at the moment.

Tonsil stones are small white or yellow ball-like growths on the surface of the tonsils. The post nasal drip excretion is responsible for the accumulation of debris and other calcareous materials resulting in the formation of tonsil stones. The mucous is rich in proteins and the presence of these proteins are conducive to the growth of bacteria. A person who is suffering from post nasal drip is highly likely to develop tonsil stones post nasal drip.

Though tonsil stones is a medical condition, it is not harmful or fatal. However, it can be a cause of discomfort for the sufferer. For one, somebody with tonsil often experience difficulty swallowing, as well as difficulty of breathing. Other common symptoms include vomiting, headache, and earache.

The most uncomfortable and embarrassing symptom of having tonsil stones post nasal drip is bad breath. Who would want to have bad breath? Inside these stones are sulfur-like substances that causes the foul smell.

One important thing to consider, though tonsil stones can be removed, the percentage of re-occurrence is high if a person is suffering from post nasal drip. So the post nasal drip needs to be addressed as a separate condition.

Since PND is a discharge from the nose, it is important that the discharge of the mucous from the nose to the throat is slowed down. Post nasal drip is the real cause of the formation of these stones so it is imperative that you go see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are nasal irrigation units that are available in the market today that will flush the nasal passages on a regular basis so that mucous will not accumulate. There are kits that are that you can purchase to get rid of your post nasal drip and prevent the occurrence of tonsil. These kits are easy to use and administer. These kits will help wash away the excess mucous, plus the allergens and dust.

It is also important that one drinks plenty of water daily in order to cure PND. It would also help if you check your sugar intake. If you are using a mouthwash, make sure that you use one that is not alcohol-based; it will also be advisable to stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages. You can also try gargling with salt and water mixture.

If you are able to rectify your post nasal drip, you will greatly increase your ability to prevent tonsil stones resulting from post nasal drip.

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