How Does A Person Get Tonsil Stones And Why?

What are tonsil stones? How do you get tonsil stones & why? How is this condition different or similar to tonsillitis? These are common questions I get asked a lot and I’m going to answer them in this article.

What are tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones are tiny stone-like growths found on the tonsils. In the tonsils are crypts or pockets and within these small pocket that these stones form. These pockets are where debris from food, mucous, and bacteria may develop. From this debris, stone-like structures grow, these become the tonsil stones. If these stones grow, they can cause discomfort for the sufferer and worst they could develop bad breath.

Tonsil stones are not dangerous but they can be a source of embarrassment, especially because of the foul smell they bring to your breath. Tonsil stones are different from tonsillitis, since tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils while tonsil stones are growth on the surface of the tonsils.

How do you get tonsil stones?

If you want to know how to prevent tonsil stones, you have to be educated on tonsil stones and you need to be able to provide and answer to when someone asks you how do you get tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths develop from a number of reasons. Tonsilloliths is a common occurrence and can be tricky to get rid of, sometimes very difficult to dislodge.

The condition can occur in all ages but more common among adults. As mentioned earlier, these are debris, mucous, and food particles forming inside tiny pockets of the tonsils. If an individual doesn’t drink enough water to wash away the food and mucous on the throat tonsil stones might develop. How do you get tonsil stones because of this? Why do people have tonsil stones, why do some do not?

That is a great question. It is important to know that no two people have the same size of tonsils – some have larger tonsils, some have smaller ones, and still some have wider tonsil crevices and it is in these crevices that these stones tend to develop. It’s the shape of the tonsil and the size of the crevices the reason why some people are more prone to getting tonsil stones and others aren’t.

People often ask, “how do you get tonsil stones if you are consistently cleaning your mouth?” Well…people who have an overactive salivary gland are likely to develop tonsil stones.

It’s believed that the tonsils shed dead cells regularly, these dead cells could inhabit within the tonsil crypts. Overtime this would build up along with other debris, and cause tonsil stones.

Bacteria within the mouth is also another factor in the creation of tonsil stones. Excellent oral hygiene will help keep the mouth clean and lower the amount of bacteria that causes tonsil stones.

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