Get Rid Of Nasty Tonsil Stones For Good

The question, how to get rid of tonsil stones forever can be best answered by first understanding what are pesky whitish yellowish globs are and what causes them to arise in yoru mouth.

Tonsil stones are irregular shaped mucus/bacteria globs that occur in the tonsils (palatine portion) or in the tonsil crypts. They are foul and putrid smelling due to the chemical composition of the bacteria globs which are hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan. Mercaptan’s distinct odor is similar to a rotten cabbage while a hydrogen sulphide’s odor resembles that of a rotten egg. A scent that’s mainly caused by bacteria breakdown without oxygen.

Tonsil stones, back in the early days, were believed to be just extra food debris left after consuming a meal but this is not the case. The cause and origin of tonsil stones is still unknown to the medical community. Despite the unknown origin and cause the question how to get rid of tonsil stones forever, lingers.

Here are some natural remedies for tonsil stones:

  • Coughing and laughing hard
  • Chewing on garlic clove
  • Use of cotton swabs as well as Q-tips
  • Use of fingers
  • Lollipop remedy treatment
  • Medicine dropper removal
  • Popsicle stick extraction

1. Coughing as well as laughing hard is a natural remedy to efficiently remove tonsils stones. Laughing hard and coughing causes a gentle squeezing of the throat and leads to clearing it up and thus remove the stones.

2. Garlic clove chewing is a natural remedy to remove tonsil stones. The procedure is done by simply chewing on a garlic clove nightly before going to sleep. Garlic cloves have a fantastic healing property to remove tonsil stones.

3. Q-tips and use of cotton swabs is also another natural remedy to remove tonsil stones. The process involves the use of a swab or Q-tip dampened with water. This dampened swab or Q-tip is used to reach the area where the tonsil stone is located and is used to push the stones out of its location.

4. Using the fingers to remove the tonsil stones is done by the application of firm and constant pressure on the tonsil stones should dislodge them effectively.

5. Lollipop remedy treatment uses the common lollipop candy to remove the tonsil stone. The method employed in this remedy simply involves the sucking of a lollipop candy with intense pressure. The force of sucking the lollipop pushes the tonsil stones out of its location.

6. Medicine dropper removal. For this remedy an empty, unused medicine dropper is used as a natural method to remove the tonsil stones. The procedure consists in placing the open tip of the medicine dropper directly on the tonsil stones. The pulling effect that the dropper has on the tonsil stones should help dislodge them.

7. Popsicle stick extraction. Extracting the tonsil stone using this remedy would involve pressing a clean Popsicle stick directly on the tonsil stone. The pressure applied to the tonsil a stone slowly eases out the stone from its location.

Once you get the tonsil stones out, the next most important question you need to ask yourself is, “how do I prevent the tonsil stones from coming back?”

To learn how to prevent tonsil stones from coming back forever, click here.

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