How to Get Tonsil Stones Out Quickly & Painlessly

how to get tonsil stones outI’m going to talk about how to get tonsil stones out and how to keep them out. Tonsil stones are the deep in-folds that appear as tiny pearly-like growths on the surface of the throat. The tonsils are a line of defense against bacteria; hence it has the tendency to accumulate not just bacteria, but other debris like mucous and dead cells, resulting in the occurrence of tonsil stones. It may not be a serious medical condition but it can be a source of discomfort so people still want to learn how to get tonsil stones out.

This is actually what I’m going to talk about in this article.

Before giving you the things you need to know on how to get tonsil stones out, it is important that you are aware what the signs and symptoms of tonsil stones are. Symptoms may include headache, vomiting, earache, and the most despicable symptom is bad breath!

Having unpleasant breath is a cause of distress for people who have tonsil stones. It can cause terrible inferiority complex and extreme embarrassment that people suffering from it. People with tonsil stones tend to shy away from people, due to their bad breath, I know this was particularly true for me when I had tonsil stones.

Learning how to get tonsil stones out successfully is not as impossible as it may seem. There are natural remedies for this medical condition. For example, one natural remedy for tonsil stones is to drink a LOT of water. This ensures that the bacteria that causes tonsil stones do not grow at a rapid rate. Water helps to wash away the mucous and food causes tonsil stones. Aside from drinking lots of water, you may also use salt and water mixture for gargling; this also helps prevent the accumulation of foods, prevent bacteria growth. Also, the salt water mix can also sooth any sore throat you may have.

Here’s another great method on how to get tonsil stones out effectively, it’s called a pressurized water jet. This is a popular method, and all you need to do is skim over the tonsil stones to loosen them up. Proper care should be undertaken if you are doing this on your own. If possible, have someone else do it for you.

Another way important thing to do, is minimize your intake of dairy products. These tonsil stones are actually calcium deposits, so limiting your intake of dairy products like milk and cheese, you also decrease the calcium that you eat.

There are brave people who have their own way of getting tonsil stones out. For example, I’ve heard people pricking out their stones with a bobbin pin or a toothpick. This will release the sulfur-like substance inside the stone. Some people only use their fingers to loosen the stones off their place and then they just wash them away with water or cough the stones out of the mouth. Using a pin or toothpick is very dangerous and can lead to infection, so I don’t recommend you try it.

When talking about the subject of how to get tonsil stones out and how to keep them out, it would not be complete without speaking about oral hygiene. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is is very important. Keeping your mouth clean ensures that bacteria will not flourish. Avoid using alcohol-based mouthwash, look for water-based, these are the best to use when you have tonsil stones.

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