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Tonsil Stone Prevention Tips And Tricks

How to Prevent Tonsil StonesThis article focuses on teaching you how to prevent tonsil stones from occurring or recurring.

Tonsil Stone Prevention Tip #1: Great Oral Hygiene

In order to be effectively prevent tonsil stones the first order of business is great oral hygiene. Keeping your mouth clean reduces the formation of tonsil stones. People should always brush their teeth after meals and before going to bed. Remember to also use a dental floss to remove plaque.

Tongue scrapers is also a great idea because some plaque lives on the tongue and they may be transferred to the tonsil when eating. Finish off with a non-alcoholic mouthwash to gargle. It’s suggested that you do all of these and be mindful not forget or skip steps. Having a very clean mouth is a solid step in the right direction in preventing tonsil stones, or tonsillolith, from appearing.

Tonsil Stone Prevention Tip #2: Proper Prevention Diet

Gargling warm water with salt is also effective in the prevention of tonsil stones, especially for people suffering from a sore throat. A sore throat could lead to tonsillitis that could in turn possibly produce tonsil stones. So, it is essential to take care of the throat.

Drinking plenty of water will also help prevent tonsil stones. The reason why is because water can help wash away particles that could stay in the pockets of the tonsils. Try to avoid drinking too much sodas that are loaded with sugar or caffeine since some of the sugar particles could lodge in the pockets of the tonsils (aka crypts). Water can wash away any debris that could stay in the mouth. Also, if you don’t already know, drinking water is a huge element of maintaining great health, but this is beyond the focus of this article.

Eating healthy food also helps to decrease the chances of bacteria build-up, and therefore is a great aid our goal to prevent tonsillolith. Eating fruits and vegetables build body resistance making would help the body fight off bacteria that aids the growth of tonsil stones. Drinking grape fruit seed extract is also known to help. The reason why is because grape fruit seed extract is anti-bacterial. It can suppress bacteria that help form tonsil stones. It also keeps the breath fresh so it is advisable to drink more of this liquid.

Eating and drinking less dairy and protein-rich foods and beverages can also help prevent tonsil stones since they dairy contain mucous and calcium that are also found in tonsil stones. The contents of dairy could help solidify the puss that accumulates in the pockets of the tonsils that forms tonsil stones. This is a very very important element to preventing tonsil stones from occurring or recurring.

People suffering from tonsil stones should avoid eating 30 minutes before going to bed. This is because undigested food particles will stick in the tonsils that could later contribute to tonsil stones.

Decreasing smoking and alcohol intake is also advised, as alcohol and cigarettes can aid the growth of bacteria, not to mention also make tonsils sore.

Follow all the above tonsil stone prevention tips and it should minimize the occurrence of the the nasty and smell stones.

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