How To Destroy Tonsil Stones Permanently!

how to treat tonsil stonesDo you want to know how to treat tonsil stones so that they never ever come back? If so you’ve come to the right place.

If you have tonsil stones like I did, you know how having tonsil stones can disrupt someone’s life. Although it is not a life threatening condition, it can lead to complications that may affect someone’s life and the way he or she interacts with other people. Unless you live and interact with the most understanding people in the world, having this condition can make your life miserable because tonsil stones creates extremely bad breath. You only live once so there’s no point in hiding under in a cave your whole life.

Fortunately, tonsil stones can be treated easily. Some may opt for a tonsil stone treatment or home remedies that are less expensive and more discreet, while others may choose from one of the various medical procedures to get rid of tonsil stones.

How To Cure Tonsil Stone Method #1: Home Remedies

If you done any research at all on the internet, you will quickly learn that one of the most popular home remedies is gargling warm water with salt. This concoction can help stop the proliferation of bacteria in one’s mouth. Repeated gargling can also help loosen the tonsil stones and remove them, sometimes with a little gag to expel them out. Small stones and those that are not that deeply lodged can be removed through this method. By doing this method, one will also be able to clean other areas of the mouth especially those that are not usually reached by brushing or using dental floss. Using commercial mouthwash can also do the trick if you are not that comfortable with the taste of salt and warm water combined.

Another popular option for treating tonsil stones is to use a soft cotton swab and warm water. Sometimes, it would take more than gargling to loosen up a stone that is strategically situated to just stay in place. This method works for stones that are visible in plain sight. It may be a bit difficult to do, but if you are in front of the mirror or if there is someone else in the household who is willing to assist you then this should be a pretty simple task to complete.

How to Cure Tonsil Stones Method #2: Medical Procedures

Many people elect to go under the knife to treat their tonsil stones. Some people try a home remedy and find that it does not work for them, so they immediately get lazy in look for a natural solution, and they go to the surgical route. Some tonsil stones sufferers choose to go to the dentist for professional assistance. Some doctors may start simple through irrigation or curettage. Irrigation pertains to using electric water squirts to dislodge the stones. If it does not work, curettage or scooping the stones out is the next option.

Sometimes it can be difficult for doctors to even find the stones, so doctors sometimes need to use an X-ray or CT scan just to be able to identify where the stones are. Laser removal or surgery are also possible options, however, these are just done when there are no other option to remove the stones. Surgery would involve the removal of the tonsils in order to prevent the stones from recurring. Tonsil stones can be a pain, but with proper treatment and prevention methods, one can say goodbye to them for good and not worry about being with other people ever again.

I’ve tried most of the natural tonsil stone treatment and remedies out there (over the course of 2 years), and during that process I have figured out the easiest way to remove these yucky things within minutes, forever and in a pain-free manner.

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