Surgical & Non-Surgical Way to Remove Tonsil Stones

Removing Tonsil Stones

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Here are some common questions people I get from people regarding removing tonsil stones:

• What should I do, remove my tonsil stones or my tonsils?
• What are the methods for getting rid of tonsil stones?

Both great questions.

“What Should I Do, Remove My Tonsil Stones or My Tonsils?”

If you have tonsillitis (a bacterial or viral infection of the tonsils that is usually accompanied with a fever), it usually just takes a few days for it to go away on its own, or with antibiotics (three weeks is it’s a bad one). It used to be that doctors recommended their patients get their tonsils removed to cure tonsillitis, a procedure that is known as tonsillectomy; however, nowadays tonsillectomy isn’t recommended as much due to the fact that tonsillitis tends to go away easily, and removing the tonsil is believed to weaken the body’s immune system.

Tonsil stones, on the other hand, is a chronic condition, and is associated with bad breath (halitosis), among other symptoms. Removing the tonsil stones via a variety of different methods is recommended if the symptoms of tonsil stones are noticeable. Removing tonsil stones will result in an immediate disappearance of the symptoms associated with it.

What are the methods for getting rid of tonsil stones?

There many ways to get rid of tonsil stones. I have written a number of articles on this:

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I’ve written a step-by-step e-book to guide through the entire process of curing your tonsil stones and preventing them from coming back. You can find it here:

Step-by-step guide to removing your tonsil stones.

For those that want to remove your tonsil stones through surgery, there are a number of options: laser removal and tonsillectomy.

2 Surgical Procedures to Remove Tonsilloliths

Some people elect to remove their TONSILS, as a method for removing TONSIL STONES. This is a debated subject, as many people are against have surgery to remove tonsilloliths (myself included). We will talk about the pros and cons of having surgery to get rid of tonsilloliths.

Tonsilloliths Removal via Laser

Removing tonsil stones through laser is usually the preferred method for a lot of physicians. In this procedure, the surface of the tonsils is flattened, removing not only the stones but also the tonsil crevices so as to prevent another formation of tonsil stones.

Tonsilloliths Removal via Tonsillectomy

In tonsillectomy, the physician removes your tonsil entirely, which prevents tonsil stone formations in the future.

With this said, I must caution you if you decide to got the surgical route. Removing the tonsils via surgery has some drawbacks. In terms of cost, the surgery costs thousands of dollars, averaging around $4,000-$6,000.

The recovery process itself can be quite painful. You will need to take a minimum of two to three week off from work. During the recovery phase, many patient experience extreme pain when swallowing (even just lightly) for weeks after the surgery.

Overall, getting a tonsillectomy is effective but it’s not a 100% cure for tonsil stones. A spoke to a doctor during my quest to find a tonsil stones cure, and he told me of a patient who had tonsil stones for over thirty years AFTER she had a tonsillectomy.

The last thing you should know about going the surgical route is that getting your tonsil taken out is not good for your immune system, after all reason why we are born with tonsils is to prevent bacteria, viruses, etcetera from entering your body through the mouth. So keep all these points into consideration when making your decision. I suggest you exhaust all the natural methods first before trying your hand in surgery.

In fact, I was able to cure my tonsil stones after having it for three years. I researched by butt off for 24 months, and I finally found something that worked.

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