The Best and Worst Remedies for Tonsil Stones

tonsil stone remediesHave you ever had those tiny, awkward looking and foul smelling stone-like formations in your mouth? They are known as tonsilloliths or tonsil stones. They are very common but since they do not present themselves as life threatening, some people just dismiss them. Fortunately for some, they just go away without the need for any treatment. What happens however, when they keep on coming back and start wreaking havoc on someone’s life? Here is some of the best and the worst tonsil stone remedies ever devised. Some can make you laugh, some can make you vomit out of disgust, some can scare you, but all of these remedies have saved someone from having to live with tonsil stones for the rest of his or her life.

Good Natural Remedies for Tonsil Stones

Cough The Tonsil Stones Out

Tonsil stone can just go away unnoticed. Why? This is because one of the best home remedies against them is our very own gag reflex. You do not have to suffer from anorexia to gag. We do it if we feel we have to expel something out of our mouth or digestive system that can cause trouble. Sometimes, with a little bit of help from gargling warm water with salt or just our good old mouthwash, we can gag the tonsil stones out. This can be a bit disgusting but admit it, this is one of the simplest, cheapest ways to get rid of the invaders.

Remove Tonsilloliths By Prodding It Out With Q-Tip

Another good tonsil stone remedy is to use a cotton swab to manually scoop the tonsil stones out of our mouth. For this, we really have to be flexible and have a strong eye for details in order to see where the stones are hiding and to be able to scoop them out in plain sight. A pair of willing hands can make this remedy a bit easier. Make sure, however, that the person who will assist you is warned about what he is getting himself into.


I usually recommend natural tonsillolith remedies, but if you are having a tough time getting your tonsil stones out, I know a few people that were able to convince their dentist to help them take it out with their dentist tools. This is similar to home remedies you can do at home, except the dentist is doing it for you instead of yourself. You may be able to get the dentist to use irrigation or water to expel the tonsil stones out, and cutterage (getting the stones out by scooping them). The only difference is that he is using more advanced tools. The dentist not a tonsil stones specialist but they may be able to help you get the stones out if you really can’t yourself.

2 Not-So-Effective Tonsil Stone “Remedies”

When I had tonsil stones I tried anything and everything. Here are two things I tried that didn’t work.

Jumping Up & Down On a Rebounder

A rebounder is a mini-trampoline that you can put your home. A read somewhere that the rebounder stulates your thyroid, which for some reason helps get rid of tonsil stones.

Well it didn’t work for me, enough said.

Apple Sider Vinegar

Here’s another thing I tried that didn’t work either.

There are many tonsil stone remedies out there. It took me two years of experimentation to find out what works, and now I’m tonsil stone free.

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