Non-Surgical Ways To Remove Tonsil Stones

tonsil stone removalDepending on one’s preference, there are many ways to remove tonsil stones and keep them at bay. Some may choose to practice the do-it-yourself method and then follow through with good oral hygiene; others may afford more radical approach to resolving recurrent tonsil stones, like undergoing tonsillectomy. Before going the expensive and drastic path, look at your options. Here are some of the best natural tonsil stone removal methods you can try:

Do-It-Yourself Tonsillolith Removal Methods

  • Making your throat muscles work. Good news for those with tonsil stones: they can pop out spontaneously! You can do a variety of movements to “poke out” the stone from the tonsillar crevices. First, you can forcefully stick out your tongue and use your throat muscles to dislodge the stone, like what happens when you gag. If this doesn’t work you can use a lollipop or a popsicle and eat away! No, this is not to console your vain efforts, but the sucking action made while eating a lollipop or popsicle can also displace the stone stuck in the tonsils.
  • Using a picking instrument. Some tonsil stones are a bit larger and stuck to the tonsils, so the above practice would not work that well. In this case, using a cotton swab or a blunt picking instrument such as the blunt end of a toothpick, clean hairpin, or popsicle stick just might do the trick. After feeling where the tonsil stone is located, stand in front of a mirror and stick out your tongue as far as you would. Try to displace the stone from the tonsil as gently as you can; if you force it when it seems stuck, or you rub vigorously, the stone may come off with a piece of the mucous membrane and bleed. Another alternative is using a gentle toothbrush to dislocate the stone from the tonsil.
  • Water. Drinking plenty of water washes away food debris and bacteria build up in the tonsil, preventing tonsil stones. You can also use water to wash away small tonsil stones by applying it in low pressure using a nasal spray can replaced with warm saline solution. The warm saline solution can also be used to help displace the stones in addition to alleviating the pain and discomfort due to swelling and irritation.
  • Gargling. Gargling regularly with warm saline solution or alcohol- and sugar-free mouthwash can aid in tonsil stone resolution. Aside from eliminating the germs, gargling can disrupt small stones from their crypts, so you can spit it out with the gargle.
  • Tonsil stone removal kits and irrigation devices. Tonsil stone removal kits may consist of solutions which can be used for cleaning the mouth and gargling. The components of these solutions are thought to dislodge the stones as well as prevent them from coming back. Oral irrigation devices, like using nasal spray can, applies low pressure water on your tonsils to remove the stones. The drawback of such item is that they are quite expensive.

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