Various Tonsillolith Symptoms

A small forming tonsil stone does not produce any noticeable symptoms, but larger ones do. Tonsil stone symptoms could include any of the following:

  • Bad breath
  • Tonsil infection
  • Sore throat
  • Yellow colored debris
  • Bad taste sensation
  • Swelling of tonsil
  • Pain in the ear or itchiness
  • Small lump Felt at the back of the throat

Knowing the tonsil stone symptoms requires knowing what a tonsil stone is. A tonsil stone is calcium formed debris that accumulates in the tonsil. This stone resembles in shape with that of a peppercorn. They possess very unpleasant odors ranging from a decaying cabbage to a putrid rotting egg. Such foul odor is caused by the chemicals formed by the tonsil stones such as hydrogen sulphide as well as methyl mercaptan.

The presence of tonsil stone symptoms necessitates the need to know the common cure and remedies to counter such medical condition, among them are:

  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Water with salt gargling procedure
  • Medicine dropper technique
  • Lollipop sucking method
  • The finger, back of toothbrush, Popsicle stick technique

1. Practicing good hygiene is the top most preventive technique to avoiding the development of the tonsil stone. A clean mouth and tonsil is a good safety measure to avoiding tonsil stones. Gargling with a mouthwash, brushing as well as tongue scraping reduces the incidence of tonsil stone formation.

2. Drinking lots of water prevents tonsil formation. It has been studied that the formation of tonsil mostly happens in a dry throat. Intake of lots of fluid (water) keeps the body hydrated and the tonsils wet. Tonsil stone formation in a hydrated throat is greatly reduced and diminished.

3. Water gargling with a pinch of salt is a procedure for preventing sore throat has been proven safe by many. This process relieves the inconvenience brought by the abnormal protrusion in the tonsil and is a next step procedure after the tonsil stone has been removed by other methods.

4. Removal of tonsil stone evidenced by tonsil stone symptoms through the use of an unused medicine dropper is an easy natural method. This is done by placing the open tip of the dropper on the tonsil stone with the pressing of the rubber handle on other end to cause a sucking action. With the tip of the dropper adhering to the tonsil stone with the sucking action, pull out the tonsil stone with a single jerking motion.

5. Another natural tonsil stone cure and removal and to be finally rid of tonsil stone symptoms is the sucking of a lollipop method. This is a very desirable method of removing tonsil stone as it only requires intense sucking of a lollipop candy. The pressure created in the sucking of the lollipop is a very easy way of removing a tonsil stone.

6. Removal with finger, stick of a Popsicle and back of a toothbrush is done by applying firm pressure on the tonsil to remove the tonsil stone.

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