Effective Tonsil Stone Remedy & Prevention Techniques

tonsil stone treatment Tonsil stone treatment comes in two very important forms, which are:

If you have tonsil stones you probably already know that having tonsil stones can disrupt a persons life. Although it is not going to kill you, it can cause pain (sometimes severe pain) for some tonsil stone sufferers as well as lead to complications that may affect someone’s life, and the way he or she interacts with other people. For one, tonsil stones are known to cause halitosis and bad breath. Unless you live and interact with the most understanding people in the world, having this condition can make your life miserable. Tonsil stones can be treated easily if you know the proper tonsil stone treatment. You may opt for home remedies that are less expensive and more discreet. If these do not work however, one can choose from various medical procedures to get rid of it once and for all.

Home Remedies For Tonsil Stones

One of the popular and effective tonsil stone treatment is gargling warm water with salt. The concoction can help stop the proliferation of bacteria in one’s mouth. Repeated gargling can also help loosen the tonsil stones and remove them, sometimes with a little gag to expel them out. Small stones and those that are not that deeply lodged can be removed through this method. By doing this method, one will also be able to clean other areas of the mouth especially those that are not usually reached by brushing or using dental floss. Using commercial mouthwash can also do the trick if you are not that comfortable with the taste of salt and warm water combined.

One can also try to remove tonsil stones by using a soft cotton swab and warm water. Sometimes, it would take more than gargling to loosen up a stone that is strategically situated to just stay in place. This method works for stones that are visible in plain sight. It may be a bit difficult to do, but if you are in front of the mirror or if there is someone else in the household who is willing to assist you then this should be a pretty simple task to complete. This is a really effective treatment for tonsil stone.

Tonsil Stone Prevention

Preventing tonsil stones from reoccurring is the key to being victorious over the darn suckers. The best tonsil stone treatment is prevention. Here I’m going to give you two ways that will help eliminate tonsil stones from your life.

Drink Lots of Water

Why drink lots of water? Well, because if you have a dry mouth it means your mouth have little amounts of saliva. What you likely don’t know is that saliva is rich with oxygen, and oxygen my friend fights the bacteria that causes tonsil stones!

Drinking water has many other health benefits that are WAY beyond the scope of this article, but trust me, if you drink all the time, you’ll be able to prevent and cure many many many ailments and diseases. I learned this from researching a cure for tonsil stones, and I was amazed what the research discovered in terms of the power of water. So drink up! I mean REALLY drink up!

Take Magnesium

Magnesium will prevent calcium buildup that causes tonsil stones. When you take magnesium the mineral will distribute the calcium in your body better and, again, prevent the calcium build up.

There are magnesium pills you can take, so this is a simple tools in your tonsil stones treatment arsenal.

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