Allen’s Cure For His Tonsil Stones

tonsil stones cureWhat’s the best tonsil stones cure? Is it natural? Is it surgery? These are common questions coming from people with tonsil stones. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer.

When I got tonsil stones, a physician suggested I take antibiotics. This didn’t stop the tonsil stones from recurring. Terrible advice if you ask me. So I did my own research and experimentation.

I found that tonsil stones are a common, little known, often missed condition, mostly present in people who have recurrent tonsillitis or chronic bad breath. There are many clinicians who are unfamiliar with tonsil stones, and they often mistake it for the white spots common in tonsillitis.

But what are tonsil stones? They are an accumulation of food particles, mucus, and bacteria in the tonsil crypts (pockets that make us the structure of the tonsils). The tonsils have these crypts and crevices to trap microorganisms, preventing them from invading and harming the body. The accumulations calcify over time, producing stones which may cause symptoms such as bad breath, tonsil swelling, difficulty in swallowing, metallic taste in the mouth, and in some occasions ear ache. Despite the condition being benign and not associated with any serious medical illness, symptoms associated with tonsil stones can cause embarrassment to people in social situations in addition to personal distress.

There Is A Cure For Tonsil Stones

The good news trying to find a tonsil stones cure is that the is one! Actually, there are a few of them. So you can choose to end your misery as soon as you notice the symptoms. It’s easy to remove your tonsil stones and most methods are cheap, easy, and can be done inside the home without unnecessary anaesthesia or surgical instruments. The main thing is to make sure you treat the tonsil stones immediately and not wait, because tonsil stones get bigger over time.

I’ve found the key to overcoming tonsil stones is to know how to prevent them coming back (as opposed to taking them out), this is the true tonsil stones cure.

There are many articles on this site that assist you in getting your tonsil stones out, but I’ll provide you will a few here. This is by no means complete.

Here are a few tips to getting your tonsil stones out:

Gently use a cotton swab. Try poking the tonsil stone gently to pop it out. Again, make sure to do it gently, as blood vessels are present in that part of the mouth. Once you start bleeding, you may become susceptible to infection.

Suck on a lollipop. It may sound strange, but a lollipop may actually induce removal of tonsil stones. Well, not actually the lollipop, but the sucking action involved in eating these sweet treats can dislodge a tonsil stone from its corner. You can also try popsicles.

Water. You can literally clean out the tonsil using water! Gargle with warm saline solution (mix 1 cup water with ½ tablespoon salt) regularly to prevent tonsil stone build up. If you already have a stone, this can alleviate the pain or discomfort. Alternatively, you can place the warm saline solution in an empty nasal spray can and use it to squirt the stone. The low pressure is enough to pop it out. There are other tonsil stone removal kits sold in the market which use low pressure jets of water to remove the stone.

Prevention: The Best Cure For Tonsil Stones

The is a very important and big topic. Prevention means understanding tonsil stones intimately. I go into much more depth in tonsil stone prevention in my ebook, Fast Tonsil Stones Cure.

Here are a few tonsil stones prevention tips that will help those suckers from coming back:

Limit Sugar Intake. Sugar feeds a lot of bad things in your body. It also lowers your immune system in the process. What many people don’t know is that sugar promotes tonsil stones growth. So limiting your sugar intake is a great idea.

Eat Bacteria Killing Foods Part of tonsil stones is made up of bacteria, so eating bacteria killing foods will help keep them at bay. Good bacteria kill foods include onions, garlic, shitake mushrooms, cucumbers, etc.

I know it sounds like a lot of hassle to change what you eat, it’s almost like a change in lifestyle and I’ll admit it’s hard. I’ve spent two whole years researching for the easiest and simplest tonsil stones cure out there. After two years of non-stop experimenting I found a solution to keep tonsil stones away permanently. If you want more information, click on the link below.

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