Tonsil Stones Pictures | Tonsillolith Pics

I thought I’d post some pictures of tonsilloliths/tonsil stones to help you determine whether or not you have them. I think you’ll find it useful to compare these tonsil stones pictures to what you have.

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Tonsil Stones Pictures

pic of tonsil stone

Tonsillolith picture

tonsil stone picture

tonsil stones pictures

tonsil stones pictures

Tonsilloliths pictures

tonsil stones pic

What you will notice when analyzing these tonsil stones pictures is that tonsil stones have a whitish to dull yellow hue to them. You should also notice that the tonsil stones are behind the tonsillar arch. In case you do not know the anatomy of the mouth, and therefore where the tonsillar arch is, here’s a diagram for your reference:

tonsilliar arch

I hope these pictures gave you a better understanding of what tonsil stones normally look like. You can see that the size of the tonsil stones can vary. Larger tonsil stones have more pronounced symptoms such as bad breath and sore throat.

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