Tonsil Stones Post Nasal Drip Explained

What is post nasal drip? PND, as it is most commonly referred to, is excess mucous that enters from the back-side of your throat. Tonsil stones post nasal drip is one of the most common symptoms of PND. In this article, I’ll explain all these terms, as I realize it these terms may be foreign to you at the moment.

Tonsil stones are small white or yellow ball-like growths on the surface of the tonsils. The post nasal drip excretion is responsible for the accumulation of debris and other calcareous materials resulting in the formation of tonsil stones. The mucous is rich in proteins and the presence of these proteins are conducive to the growth of bacteria. A person who is suffering from post nasal drip is highly likely to develop tonsil stones post nasal drip.

Though tonsil stones is a medical condition, it is not harmful or fatal. However, it can be a cause of discomfort for the sufferer. For one, somebody with tonsil often experience difficulty swallowing, as well as difficulty of breathing. Other common symptoms include vomiting, headache, and earache.

The most uncomfortable and embarrassing symptom of having tonsil stones post nasal drip is bad breath. Who would want to have bad breath? Inside these stones are sulfur-like substances that causes the foul smell.

One important thing to consider, though tonsil stones can be removed, the percentage of re-occurrence is high if a person is suffering from post nasal drip. So the post nasal drip needs to be addressed as a separate condition.

Since PND is a discharge from the nose, it is important that the discharge of the mucous from the nose to the throat is slowed down. Post nasal drip is the real cause of the formation of these stones so it is imperative that you go see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are nasal irrigation units that are available in the market today that will flush the nasal passages on a regular basis so that mucous will not accumulate. There are kits that are that you can purchase to get rid of your post nasal drip and prevent the occurrence of tonsil. These kits are easy to use and administer. These kits will help wash away the excess mucous, plus the allergens and dust.

It is also important that one drinks plenty of water daily in order to cure PND. It would also help if you check your sugar intake. If you are using a mouthwash, make sure that you use one that is not alcohol-based; it will also be advisable to stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages. You can also try gargling with salt and water mixture.

If you are able to rectify your post nasal drip, you will greatly increase your ability to prevent tonsil stones resulting from post nasal drip.

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