The Best Treatments For Getting Rid of Tonsilloliths

tonsil stones treatmentIn this article I’m going to talk about some tonsil stones treatment that have proven to be effective in getting rid of tonsil stones. Before we get to the tonsil stones treatment let me first explain briefly what the tonsils are. The tonsils are a pair of gland-like soft tissues located at the back of the pharynx (throat), one on each side. The tonsils are a group of tissues composed of cells (aka lymphocytes), which aid the body to fight infection.

The oral mucosa lines covers the tonsils, and running through it are the crypts of the tonsils. You can think of tonsil crypts as pockets within the tonsils. The purpose of the tonsils are to combat infections by trapping the bacteria, viruses, and other particles before they could enter the body. The tonsils produce antibodies which fight these bacteria and viruses.

I also want to point out that there are two medical conditions concerning the tonsils, tonsil stones and tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis is the infection of the tonsils; whereas, tonsil stones is the infection of the tonsil crypts (pockets within the tonsils).

Tonsillitis is associated with red swollen tonsils, and tonsil stones is associated with white or dull yellow stones in the back of your throat.

Tonsil stones occur when the bacteria, dead cells, mucus, and other particles infect the tonsil crypt that it’s in. What happens then is, among other things, the body tries to fight the infection by calcifying the infection, which creates the tonsil stones.

Tonsil Stone Treatments

The type of tonsil stones treatment you may want to try will likely depend on how small or large the stones are.

If the tonsil stones are very small and there are no symptoms present you still need to get some sore of tonsil stones treatment because from my own personal experience, tonsil stones get progressive bigger and smeller over time. While tonsil stones is not a dangerous medical condition, it can still produce pain for people who have it.

If you have symptoms then there are a number of methods for removing tonsil stones. In this article, I’m going to identify a few of these methods are, then in future articles I will go into more detail into each of these techniques, as well as other removal methods.

One very popular and effective method is to use cotton swabs to remove the stones manually.

Taking antibiotics is also a treatment method, but this does not get to the root of the problem and prevent tonsil stones from recurring.

Another popular tonsil stones remedy is gargling, whether it be salt water or mouthwash.

There are also surgical removal options including a tonsillectomy, irrigation of the tonsils, and curettage. A tonsillectomy is where the remove your actual tonsils. Irrigation is where the stones are removed by the physician using an oral irrigator. Irrigation also cleans the tonsil crypts. The curettage is accompanied by irrigation to wash the oral cavity.

Through laser tonsil stones treatment called cryptolysis is another possible option. In a crytolysis, the tonsil crypts are flattened so they can no longer trap particles and cause another inflammation. This is usually done after the tonsil stones were removed or before tonsil stones occur.

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