Unusual Bad Breath Remedies

bad breath remediesBad breath is an embarrassing condition that can’t be ignored. Bad breath itself could be a symptom of a variety of illnesses diabetes, mouth herpes infection, sinusitis, kidney or liver failure, dental infections, post natal drip and tonsil stones. We will look at some remedies for fixing bad breath that is caused by tonsil stones. The are home remedies that are inexpensive.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath Related to Tonsil Stones

1. If you have been suffering from bad breath for quite some time, you may need to look into your diet. A person’s diet plays a big part in bad breath derived from tonsil stones. Eating dairy causes the formation of calcium in your body is the number one culprit of tonsil stones formation that can result to bad breath.

2. Strive to have a healthy digestion. You can do this by adding papaya in your diet which contains papain; and pineapple which is rich in bromelain. Both papaya and pineapple promote good digestion.

3. Make it a habit to chew on a sprig of parsley. A small amount will do that will help freshen your breath. Parsley is packed with the natural deodorizer chlorophyll and can also sweeten your digestive tract.

4. Some people suffering from tonsil stones, and bad breath, have ignored their oral hygiene. Don’t forget to brushing your teeth at least three times a day, two minutes each brushing. It’s recommended that you get an electric toothbrush that has a timer for each quadrant of your mouth. Oral-B makes great electric toothbrushes.

5. Chew on celery, cucumber and carrots. These crunchy veggies are helpful in removing unwanted food particles inside your mouth after eating a sumptuous dinner. These food items can help good digestion and it can help freshen your breath as well.

6. Consume probiotic yogurt. A cup of yogurt is packed with good bacteria that can shoo away bad bacteria in your body. If you are also on a weight loss program, you do not have to worry. There is sugar-free probiotic yogurt available in the market that you can consume everyday.

7. Start your day with a cup of green tea. You have the option to drink green tea throughout the day. Green tea is one of the best drinks that contain antibacterial compounds that can combat bacteria in your mouth. It is an excellent antioxidant that can shield you from several illnesses.

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